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What Do We Do for Property and Facilities Managers

In the Greater Toronto Area, our project tendering team provides more than 40 years of quoting, consultation and installation experience.

3M window film solutions are used in a wide variety of properties to effectively resolve concerns with security, energy savings, temperature control, occupant comfort and privacy, while also offering decorative options to enhance property appearance.

  • Quality installations provided on time.
  • Our consultants can provide detailed energy cost savings and energy management strategies to help building managers,  building owners and energy conservation professionals meet ROI and operating cost reduction goals.
  • We provide 3M Sun Control Window Films to reject excessive solar heat and protect building assets from U/V sun damage.
  • Recommend application specific 3M Energy Management Window films to significantly reduce heating and cooling costs for commercial office buildings, Universities, banks, hospitals, retail storefronts, government and public facilities.
  • We provide 3M window film solutions and retention strategies that increase building occupancy, building appearance and tenant comfort.
  • Our safety and security services include 3M Glass Security Window Films to prevent break and enter, 3M Safety Films to contain broken glass and  3M Blast Mitigation Films for life safety in the event of an explosion.
  • Provide, consultation, pricing and installation for new and retrofit construction which require Bird Friendly Glazing in order to comply with Toronto and Markham's Green by-laws.
  • Outside the Toronto area, tendered invitations are forwarded to members of Window Film Canada - our 3M certified National Dealer Network of installers and applicators.

With over 40 years' experience in the glass film industry, the Convenience Group can help you accomplish your glass coating and window film objectives.

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